Monday, January 23, 2012

Food Dehydrator Experiment #2: Raisins!

Experiment #2: Raisins!
When I pulled out the bag of grapes my husband got really excited. There's something about making yourself something you normally would buy in the store that is really cool. This is definitely one of the reasons I wanted to get the dehydrator. I love the idea of starting with totally raw ingredients (if only I had access to grow them myself, but alas, in my area in NYC there is no possibility of gardening) and then making something one typically thinks of as a store-bought good. The grapes fit nicely on the dehydrator trays, and while the instructions said it could take from 8-36 hours to make raisins, I had high hopes.

Unfortunately, it really DOES take about 36 hours for plump, juicy grapes to shrivel into raisins, even after I raised the temperature to 160 degrees in desperation. I am already cringing with anticipation of my upcoming Con Edison bill. Apparently making raisins in the dehydrator is not terribly energy efficient. Too bad though, because they are the plumpest, yummiest raisins I've ever eaten in my life! Maybe over the summer I will try sun-drying them...

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